Add a donation to change the lives of children in the slums of Kampala


A donation to awamu will help orphaned and vulnerable children like Tom (who you can see in the film below) in two of the poorest areas of Kampala.

Tom was ecstatic when he was able to enrol in school for the first time earlier this year...

£5.56 could buy a school sweater for one child
£13.86 could buy a good pair of school shoes
£243 could cover the cost of skills training for one guardian
£42 could help us refurbish an old sewing machines
£139 could buy a new sewing machine
£66.67 could pay one year of school fees inc. text books and pens for one child
£22 could cover the cost of school fees for one term
£467 could cover school for one child for seven years
£975 could support one child through seven years of Primary Education

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Awamu is a registered C.I.C no. 7818944